Ceramic Roller Cleaning Machine

Ceramic Roller Cleaning Machine

  • This newly designed machine is for cleaning the ceramics rollers inside the furnace, it’s fully automatic and bring big convenience for maintenance. With the cleaner, the melt glass and particles on glass surface can be removed preciously.
  • There are three tools for polishing: the blades, the polishing disc and dust removing disc. The disc will polish two rollers at the same time with LED lights to inspect the roller surface in the first run. The dust removing disc is made with soft fabric, it will work with the dust collecting tank, to remove and absorb the dust during the second process.
  • Placing the machine on the furnace and the polishing disc will clean the roller from one end to the other, fully covered the entire surface of the roller. Then it will jump to next two automatically. Special material used for polishing pad so it can last for a long time.
  • PLC equipped to control the machine and parameter can be set in the touch screen.
  • With extension zones, one machine can be used for furnace in different sizes.

Advantages of the machine:

Detailed Specification
of All Ceramic Roller Cleaning Machine

Manual cleaning on ceramic rollersCleaned by the roller cleaner
Takes 6 – 8 hours for cleaning.Takes 1 – 2 hours for polishing and another 1 – 2 hours for second polishing.
Needs 5 to 8 employees during the cleaning process.Needs only one operator.
The roller surface may be not 100% cleaned.The entire roller surface can be polished.
Hand polishing is not even so there will be still remains.The roller will become smooth and clean perfectly.
Ceramics rollers will get damaged sometimes due to improper operation.The machine will not cause any damage to rollers.

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This automatic machine for cleaning and polishing rollers, is a convienent, safe and economic tool for cleaning, polishing, and dusting ceramics rollers for glass tempering furnaces.


Tempering furnace

Thanks to the functional desgin, the machine automatically works with few power consumption(2.5KW totally). A PLC equipped to control the whole automatic process, with touch screen, the parameters can be set. This intellegent machine can increase the working efficiency a lot.