About Techwin

Your countable partner in glass processing business.

Advocator on Automation Glass Processing

Foshan Techwin Glass Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010 with a vision to develop and realize automation production solutions for the glass fabricators.

We specialized in manufacturing glass washing machines and glass loading machines. We are convinced that we have been the best at what we do since the beginning.

Besides providing the machines, we aim at delivering the highest standards of support for your glass processing business.

How We Started?

We started as a glass fabricator in the late 90s, right as what you are doing today.It was at a time that the glass factories were seeking a better way to increase production efficiency to meet the rapidly growing need for different types of glasses.

We tried to source glass machines to satisfy heavy load and worked closely with the manufacturer at that time. It was the devotion that drove us in the hard-marching period.

For over 15 years of commitment to glass fabrication, we realized that now that we have equipped with necessary technical knowledge in different procedures, it is our duty to contribute to the overall enhancement of the whole industry. Thus we shifted our identity from a machine user to the machine maker in 2010.

It turned out to be a smart choice---Only the machines designed on the basis of thorough understanding of production need and users experience will be widely accepted.

we started manufacturing machines
Selecting On

Behalf of You

As we used to be a glass factory, we have actual use experience of all kinds of glass machines. Over the years, we've listed the reliable manufacturers for you and cooperate with them to deliver their best machines.

The final winners include , Zhongdu and Softech. All of them are also the best at what they do---they have the most advanced facilities and talented engineers, responsive after-sales service, good reputation among the industry players.

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A Path to Glass Factory Success: Plant-wide Automation

You could have achieved greater efficiency, productivity, and sustainability.

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Flawless Integration

By empowering your plant with the automatic running capacity, the whole production line can run without much manpower.

Leave it an "island" to process glass, the whole line will perform perfectly.

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Digitalized Procedures

Higher efficiency is achieved by streamlined standards in every step.

PLC controlled machines collect figures and detailed production demand to level up your production capacity.

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Safer Plant & Environment

A plant featuring high degree of automation in all phases of the plant lifecycle performs sustainably.

Sustainable growth is made possible by our endurable machines to carry processing tasks over years.

What Our Customers Said...

I would say that Techwin is definitely the best manufacturer ever who is truly a surefire machine provider.

They are really a manufacturer who knows what we need. They are considerate enough to design even the layout of buttons, our workers feel comfortable using these machines.

We bought 12 glass manipulators for our automatic glass production about 6 years ago and all of them are running great till now.

These machines saved costs and energy on repairing. Proven quality indeed and we are really happy with it.

We enjoy the experince working with Techwin.

We make glass for commercial, residential, interior decoration, industrial and automotive uses, which varies in sizes. They recommended corresponding machine for the target glass. You can really feel they are professional in this field.

Machinery has been one of our advantages that attracts more customers who value a higher quality of the processed glass.

Techwin acts professionally in the whole purchasing process. We actually have different machines from a different manufacturer. They made the solution compatible.

We specialized in producing smart-tinting glass. We value smart production.

Techwin helped us to automate our production cycle by designing our own solution, making our production more smooth and productive.

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