Glass Manipulator

Glass Manipulator

Space saving, economic and high-speed glass loading arm

Advantages of the machine:

  • Precision: Traverse movement is driven by a heavy-duty servo motor with the cooperation of precise linear guide rails and high power V belts; Fast, silent, and precise. Wrist mechanism employs a pneumatic driven rack and pinion system, which accomplishes smooth, stable and precise flipping motion. Vertical arm(s) with telescopic design efficiently minimizes the cycle time and height of the robot.
  • Safety: High efficient shock absorbers allow fast and precise pneumatic driven motion. Drop-proof locking mechanism prevents accidence due to malfunction of the pneumatic source. Position limit sensors and blocks effectively prevent mechanical and electrical malfunctions. Control board is designed to CE EMC test with short circuit and noise proof functions.
  • Convenience: Vertical and kick displacements can be adjusted simply by changing the position limit blocks in easy directions. Control board fixtures are designed with flyer structure which provides benefit to maintenance. Cable drag chains help with cable management and ease for maintenance.
  • Customized size is available.

Detailed Specification
of All Glass Manipulators

Model UG04UG03
Spindle number43
Glass thickness2-122-12
Min. glass size200*300mm200*300mm
Max. glass size800*1800mm800*1800mm
Processing weight15-20kgs15-20kgs

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Mission Complete,


Specially designed for appliance glass, doors and windows glass processing line.

Perfect option for automating the production line and reduce the heavy workload of workers.

The manipulators are generally affordable while greatly enhancing efficiency.

taking more missions

Smaller Space

The grinders don't occupy much space so you don't need to worry about the layout.

We know that for those who want to introduce the automation production while having limited space, the manipulators are the perfect solution.

occupying less space