Glass CNC Machine

Glass CNC Machine

Advantages of the machine:

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Top Quality Trusted By Top Factories

CNC machines provided by Techwin are of top quality from the top factory, whose machines have been widely acknowledged as the first ranked machines in China.

Our industry know-how and expertise have earned us close cooperation relationships with over 1000 factories. The stable machine performance and extraordinary processing efficiency account for their smart choices and success.


Versatile & Precise

Our double edgers comprise of a sturdy steel structure. The weight of a single edger is around 9 tons to make sure the machine is steady and long lasting.

Components coming into contact with water are constructed from stainless steel to guarantee the durability.


To Prevent Deforming

Upper and bottom simultaneous opening for pressers can be 150mm and this brings simple access to replace the grinding wheels.

The belts are made in polyurethane.The large-sized pulleys enable the specific load to be divided when working with heavy glass.

This means longer lifespan for the belts.

chassis getting anneald


Double servo motors are used are make sure transmission is steady and precious.

All mechanical and electronic components are from leading manufacturers ensures reliability and availability over time.

processed with high precision