High Speed Glass Double Edger

High Speed Glass Double Edger

Advantages of the machine:

  • The main drive is with direct shaft driven which is more powerful, transmission is by double servo motors with high-speed and stable. The processing speed is 20m/min for thin glass from 4-6mm.
  • The press bar is with full pressing plate which can last longer than the sectional ones and with more precision, the servo motor used for lifting.
  • The width adjustment is controlled by the servo motor. The speed of opening & closing is up to 15m/min, which is in high accuracy and good repositioning.
  • Upper chamfering lifting is controlled by servo motor for high precision.
  • Automatic margin detection to avoid mistake on the glass sizes.
  • Full servo motors for the grinding wheels and semi-servo motors are as options, both are automatic compensation.
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Detailed Specification
of All High Speed Glass Double Edgers

Machining speed4 mm-6mm glass: 20m/min
12mm glass: 10 m/min
Opening and closing speed1-15m/min
Working glass thickness3-25mm
Max processing width2500-5000mmmm
Min. processing  size400mm*400mm
Maximum grinding of flat edge5mm
Chamfer width1-3mm
Chamfering tolerance≤0.2mm/m
Parallel tolerance≤0.2mm/m
Diagonal tolerance≤0.5mm/m
Working Height900±20mm
Pneumatic working pressure≥0.6Mpa
Single Machine Power87kw

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Top Quality Trusted By Top Factories

Glass double edging machines provided by Techwin are of top quality from the top factory, whose machines have been widely acknowledged as the first ranked machines in China.

TECHWIN offers fully automatic double edgers controlled by servo motors, as well as semi-auto edgers for easy operation and precious processing. The stable machine performance and extraordinary processing efficiency account for their smart choices and success.

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Strong base for heavy duty work

Our double edgers comprise of a sturdy steel structure. The pipes of the base structure is 50-100mm bigger than those from other suppliers.  The base is welded in W shape instead of square shape to make sure it’s steady enough.

Components coming into contact with water are constructed from stainless steel to guarantee the durability.


Stable processing

Upper and bottom simultaneous opening for pressers can be 150mm and this brings simple access to replace the grinding wheels. The pressing plate is made by high density PU plate which can last for a long time and with self lubrication function.

The belts are made in polyurethane.The large-sized pulleys enable the specific load to be divided when working with heavy glass.

This means longer lifespan for the belts.

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Long lasting

Double servo motors are used for transmission. Size and thickness changing are controlled by servo motors. The machine works preciously and intelligently.

All mechanical and electronic components are from leading manufacturers ensures reliability and availability over time.

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Intelligent and easy to operate

The grinding wheels can be with all servo motors for control. With automatic compensation function, labor and time can be saved. The entire machine is with different inverters, when no glass enters for 1 min, the machine or line will be in rest mode to save 30% power compared to traditional ones.


User friendly

With electrical oil lubricating systems for the grinding wheels on the two sides, as well as for the opening screw rods.
The side pressing are controlled by high quality cylinder to adjust the glass before entering the machine.

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