Glass Washing Machine

Off-hand Cleaning At A Button

We have rich experience in combining our washing machine with edging machines from other suppliers.

With PLC, other machines can control speed and thickness of the washer. Transmission ON/OFF can be operated on other machines just with a button.

Our loading and unloading machines are off-hand as long as you set parameters in advance.


Made In-house

We use 3mm thick seamless tubes as roller shafts, which is one of the most important components in our washers.

The rollers will be polished twice after vulcanized to avoid vibration and for more steady transmission.

Rubber content in our rollers reaches 40%, which ensuring the elasticity and longer service lifespan.

techwin produces rollers

Longevity Guaranteed

Every component is taken into consideration seriously and we design the machines to perform with excellence.

All components will be made of the high-end material with scientific structure design, ensuring an excellent long lifespan. Our machines help to keep stable production pace and minimize possible downtime.

longevity guaranteed by accurate assemble

Designed For Your Specializations

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Electronic Glass
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Shower Glass
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Coated Glass
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Automotive Glass
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