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Who We Are?

As a manufacturer, we manufacture, control and access glass processing machinery.

20 years ago, we began our journey in glass industry by fabricating automotive glass, then architectural and laminated glass. Even now, we still own a appliance glass factory. In 2010, we started to produce glass processing machinery. We are eager to provide suitable machines and tailored solutions to our peers.

With the help of the sharp business approach and skills, we have gained a reputed position within the industry by securing successes of hundreds of factories.

YOUR Automatic
Glass Processing Line Solutions

we help to design plant layout

Plant Planning

From the very beginning of your starting up of a glass factory, we will assist to make the best use of the plant area by suggesting the layouts of machines in the production area.

Breaking the plant area restrictions and utilizing every square, your machines can be planed to the highest efficiency and in the most energy saving running way.

Our Machines Know Your Need

Perfect processing of electronic, furniture, automotive and construction glass beyond the market expectation, and within budget.

examining machine quality

You Can See

To present our clients with high performance machines that outshine those of others, we try every means to have our machines manufactured in the best possible way.

* Selection on raw materials and components.

* Adherence to absolute accuracy in assembly.

* Responsible commissioning before delivery.

Truly Smart Investment

What you will earn by investing on one automotive machine definitely far outweighs your investment.

1Reduced costs on workers' wages significantly.
A machine costs 2 workers' annual payment, while it carries the workload of more than 6 workers! Smart glass factories do it smart.
2Lowered occupational injuries and production in-control.
An injury definitely claims loss from both key personnel and production schedule, this scenario will not arise if you run the factory by our machines.
3Increased production efficiency and capacity.
To meet the ever-increasing demand for different types of glasses, your factory will only survive the competition by producing high quality glass at a faster rate.
4Optimized product ranges and higher quality glass.
Our machines are widely used in processing glass for electronic, furniture, and industrial uses. Meeting increasing demand from the market in a quick speed builds up your brand image.

Our Clients