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How long does laminated glass last?

How long does laminated glass last?


Laminated glass is a kind of compound glass product, which is made of two pieces of glass with one or more layers of polymer intermediate film between them. Even when the laminated glass is broken, the glass cullet will be stuck to the film fragments, effectively prevent them from puncturing and falling, to ensure safety.

The life of laminated glass mainly depends on the material of interlayer. Normally, wet laminated glass and Eva Laminated glass are mainly used for interior decoration, not for outdoor aluminum doors and windows or curtain walls. Wet Laminated glass will accelerate the aging under sunlight, 1-2 years later will become yellow, after 2-3 years it will appear degumming bubble, ice and fog. Generally speaking, the aging rate of wet laminated glass is much faster than Eva laminated glass.

Eva Laminated glass can last more than 10 years if it keeps away from direct sunlight. PVB and SGP laminated glass, usually used as outdoor architectural glass like curtain walls, it has a much longer life. The typical failure of laminated glass PVB and SGP is glue comes apart, which means that the glass and spacer are separated, the laminated glass will not safe to use.

There are no specific standards and specifications about the life of PVB and SGP laminated glass in China. At present, domestic glass processing enterprises generally refer to foreign PVB and SGP suppliers to provide 5-7 years of product quality guarantee period. In fact, the life of PVB and SGP laminated glass is greatly influenced by the thickness of interlayer, the quality of laminated glass substrate and the technological control of laminated glass besides the material of interlayer.