Glass unloader STL-2016

Glass unloader STL-2016

High speed glass unloader with four stations.

Product Features:

  • High quality linear guide used for machine movement, for smooth and steady transmission.
  • Centralized fueling system ensures smooth transmission for the rails and easy maintenance.
  • The frame is not welded to be a unit, it’s with joints and easy to disassemble to reduce maintenance costs.
  • It can used with the glass rotating rack, which improves production efficiency (optional).
  •  Automatic glass size detection and no need to turn the valve off manually, increasing efficiency and safety(optional).
  • The equipment is equipped with backuppower supply. Glass will not fall off even power is off suddenly.

Technical Parameters

Maximum processing size2000*1600mm
Minimum processing size600*300mm
Glass thickness3-15
Loading speed10 s/pcs
Working table height930±20mm
Compressed air5-7 bar
Working stationFour sided

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