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Vertical glass washing machine features - what makes TECHWIN stand out

Vertical glass washing machine features - what makes TECHWIN stand out


There are many glass machine manufacturers that can offer vertical glass washing machines in China. What makes TECHWIN vertical glass washing machines stand out from the competitors? Factors tell. Let’s check out below points.

First of all, TECHWIN vertical glass washing machines are quite strong and touch. For a 2500mm model, it’s around 5 tons. It’s twice heavier than the others. This is to ensure the machine can do the heavy duty jobs steadily, also it can last longer.

Secondly, TECHWIN vertical glass washers has six brushes, each of them has a separate motor to drive. So the brushes are powerful enough to make perfect cleaning on glass surface. While others has only two or three motors for all the brushes.

The inner design of the vertical glass washing machine matters. If it has good separation, the dirty water won’t contaminate each other. This can make the washing process is from dirty to clean. Techwin used two rollers between each pair of brushes, this can press the small size glass. The will transfer stably inside the washer. We also have good separation between hard brushes and soft brush for Low-E glass.

To make daily maintenance easily, the water pipes in TECHWIN’s washing zone can be taken down easily by just turn it. The pipes in other’s machine are fixed, when glass powder stuck inside, the machine can not work well and stains will be left on the glass.

For a good glass washing and drying machine, washing is the key, and drying will be another key. Many suppliers will use only one pairs of air knives to save costs. TECHWIN used two pairs of angled air knives in our vertical washer to make sure water on the surface and the edge can be both eliminated. Besides, we used low noise design to provide a good working environment to the glass processing factories. The blower will be placed at the back of the unloading zone to save your space.

What happened to your vertical washer when you open the door when it’s running? It may cause injuries on the operator. To avoid such accidents, TECHWIN set sensors on both the front doors and the back doors. When the doors opened during operation, the machine will stop and alarm is ON.

As a vertical glass washing machine, it needs to clean and take good care of, just like a big baby. Daily cleaning is an important way to keep it last longer. To make easy daily maintenance, the TECHWIN vertical glass washer has a big advantage. The front zone can move forward as a unit, to leave enough space for you to clean the glass powder and cullet inside of the washer.

These are only part of the factors of why TECHWIN’s vertical washer is better than the ones from others. If you want to know more features, please contact