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Important factors to wash insulated glass

Important factors to wash insulated glass


1. Pre-wash is important

No matter for horizontal glass washing machine or vertical glass washers, pre-wash device is a very important but easy to ignore part. Most of the pre-wash devices built by Chinese glass washing machine manufacturers use the method of drilling holes on stainless steel pipes. In fact, spraying pressure and water volume are not enough.

The function of pre-wash is mainly to remove dust and dirt on the glass surface. If the water spray pressure and the amount of water are not enough, the glass surface can not be cleaned effectively. The dirt on glass surface will come into the washing machine with the glass, brought pollution to the brushes and water in the tanks.

2. Regular maintenance of brushes

The key part of glass washing is the brushes, and it is very important for the regular maintenance on brushes. Dust, oil stains or glue on glass are easy to stick to the bristles of brushes, some of them are in the roots of the bristles. If they can not be cleaned in time, it will contaminate the glass surface. Especially for the washing machine that used to clean LOW- E glass, pay more attention to the regular maintenance of brushes.

High pressure water gun can be used for cleaning when maintaining. In addition, some vertical washers after long-term running, the lower parts of the brushes wear faster than the upper parts, need to replace them on time.

3. Water

The quality of water is directly related to the result of washing. Using running water or well water to clean the glass, may not be qualified to meet the requirements. Because it contains a lot of calcium, magnesium and chlorine ions, when these ions are attached to the glass surface, it will affect the bond quality between butyl rubber, secondary sealant and glass surface, thus affects the insulating glass sealing life, easy to lead to sealing failure. Ordinary purified water is only filtered out of the water particulate impurities, can not remove the ions in the water.

The water used for cleaning insulating glass should be deionized water with conductivity less than 20gS/cm after being treated by deionized water treatment equipment. If it is to process off-line tempered Low-E insulating glass, water requirements are even more stringent. The water in the tank of the washing machine should be changed frequently . Clean the sediment in the tank during the water change to prevent the pump from make roller brush dirty.

Detergent can not be added to water for IG.

4. Design and maintenance of air knives.

Some glass washing machines made in China, their air knives can not dry glass thoroughly, especially when the speed of the washing machine is high. This is mainly because of the design, handcraft, setting and adjustment of the air knives. The key factors are the structure of the air knives, the angle between the air knife and the glass, and the gap to release the air volume.

In addition, the blower air inlet filter screen should be cleaned in time, once the dust gets into the fan after it will be difficult to clean up thoroughly. When the dust blown on wet glass, it will cause water stains on the glass surface.