TWQX-1300G Glass washing machine

TWQX-1300G Glass washing machine

Glass washer for appliance glass, automotive glass and other glass

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  • A0423 1
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Product Features:

  • Steel and aluminum chassis.
  • PU rollers to ensure no marking left on glass.
  • Screen filter put on top of the tank and filter can equipped near the pump.
  • Conical steel wheel gears are used for steady and synchronous transmission.
  • Tooth belts and tensioners are equipped for driving the roller brushes.
  • Metal touching water are all SUS304(316 is as option).
  • Quick connect for pump and tank.
  • Sensor set on last rinsing. DI water will be supplied only when glass comes to save water.
  • Each tank is with heater and valve for water supply.
  • Straight and slanted air knives combination to eliminate water on surface and edge.
  • Blower placed on top of a frame with platform, stairs and guardrails.

Technical Parameters

Max. Glass Size1300 mm or customized
Min. Glass Size300*300 mm
Glass Thickness2~6 mm
Working Speed0.6~8 M/MIN
Blower Power15KW
Total Power65KW
Brush7 pairs
Water Tank7  units
Water heater power6KW *7
Air Knives4 pairs
Table Height900±50 mm

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